ABA Little Tots Program

In 2023 ABA Little Tots provided in-person therapies to 12 full-time clients. In September, 6 children graduated from the program and 6 new children transitioned into those spots. We have continued to work with caregivers remotely to provide clinical meetings and parent coaching. Caregivers have been able to actively participate in setting goals for their children as well as learning different techniques to support their children in skill acquisition and behavior management. Caregivers have also been able to attend monthly workshops where they are given the opportunity to connect with other families as well as learn about a variety of topics related to Autism and ABA.

Not only were clients able to practice skills to reach their goals within their 1:1 sessions, they were also able to participate in a group setting during our kindergarten prep group where they were able to generalize their skills in a different environment, focus on play and social skills, and practice responding to group instructions.