Autism Intervention Program – AIP

The Autism Intervention Program (AIP) within the Saskatoon area of the SHA provides individualized behavioural interventions and support services in collaboration with the family. We strive to include the autistic individual whenever possible so that programs and supports are meaningful in their daily life. We operate using a strengths-based, neurodiversity-affirming, and compassionate approach, incorporating a variety of supports for autistic children and youth along with their families.

In 2023, we adapted to significant staff changes on our team. We are ending the year with 1394 active clients on Consultants’ caseloads and have had over 400 new clients aged 0-19 years come through our intake process. We also launched our new Parent Education Series, focusing on several autism-related topics; this program replaced our long-running Parent Management Training program and was well-received by our participants. We’ve continued to find success with both in-person and virtual service offerings.