Planned Giving

Preparing a gift in your Will by leaving a bequest is a simple and thoughtful act that reflects your care for others and a vision for the future. Leaving a legacy donation helps ensure that the charity of your choice will be well supported after you are gone.

If you would like to support Autism Services in your Will, you can set aside a dollar amount or designate a percentage of the residue of your estate (the remainder of the estate once all designated gifts have been made and administrative expenses and taxes have been paid) for Autism Services. You can also bequeath a specific piece of property such as a home, securities (for instance, stocks or mutual funds), or other financial assets. The tax benefits derived from these gifts can often be quite substantial.

If you intend to leave a gift in your Will, large or small, to Autism Services of Saskatoon Inc., 119141323RR0001, the process is straightforward and costs nothing during your lifetime. It is simply a matter of preparing your Will and discussing with your lawyer what your intentions are.

To learn more about leaving a bequest, please consult your financial advisor and legal representative, and then contact us.