The Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Little Tots Program is an early intensive behavioural intervention program (EIBI) that is based on the principles of ABA and consists of treatment, for children 48 months or younger, and 25 hours of therapy per week. It is a scientifically validated treatment for young children with Autism.

ABA makes the assumption that behaviour is learned via the environment. The program is completely individualized to each child, run by a graduate-level behaviour analyst, and targets behaviour management along with specific observable and measurable skills such as attending, imitation, language and communication, play, socialization, gross and fine motor skills, and self-help skills. Skills are broken down into very simple components and taught systematically (step-by-step).

Research has suggested that Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention (EIBI) can lead to medium to large effects in intellectual functioning, language development, acquisition of daily living skills and social functioning, a better chance of integrating into school without additional support, and maintaining gains over long follow-up periods.

For more information about our ABA Little Tots program please contact Janelle Ginter, Interim Director of ABA Little Tots Program at

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