“Kids do well if they can.” – Dr. Ross Greene

Autistic kids like Chloe need extra support to “do well”. Chloe has been attending our summer day camps, which have been like practice for the real world. The camp workers have been there as guides to navigate social situations and to build confidence. As a result, Chloe is better equipped to “do well” for things like swimming, gymnastics and playing outside more than anything. With this sense of empowerment, Chloe is thriving and having fun.

The Sponsor-a-Child Campaign is your way to help autistic children and youth to “do well”. By donating towards Autism Services’ specialized day camps, recreational programs, and music therapies, you help to provide the extra support to enable kids like Chloe to “do well if they can.”

To sponsor a child: $175 sponsors a child for a recreational program (like swimming lessons, gymnastics, social clubs, etc.); $300 sponsors a child for music therapy; $500 sponsors a child for day camp. Whether partially or fully sponsoring, any donation amount helps support autistic children and youth in these programs. Click the DONATE NOW button to support the Campaign.

You can help the Campaign further by organizing your own fundraiser. Click the “Create a Team” or “Join as an Individual” to get started. For more information, contact Alle Guarnieri, Director of Fund Development, Marketing and Communications at alle.guarnieri@autismservices.ca

Celebrate the month and donate today towards autistic children and youth. Your donation ensures they continue to have the support they need to “do well”.