At Autism Services we recognize many of our adult clients want to build social connections with other local autistic adults.

We are excited to provide a Facebook group to facilitate this peer connection for our clients across Saskatchewan. This Facebook group is meant to be a place for you to connect with other adults of all ages who share similar experiences, discuss experiences, share your interests, and discuss autism topics.

This page is run by the Mental Health and Wellness Team members. The only requirements to join are being 18 years or older and be an Autism Services adult member. You do not need to be formally diagnosed as autistic to join this page. This is a private group you must request to join. You will be asked to review group rules and answer related questions upon requesting to join. We invite you to join and start connecting with others through the below link:

Autism Services – Autistic Adult Peer Group | Facebook

If you have questions please direct them to the Mental Health Team’s Social Worker, Louisa, at