Autism Services of Saskatoon’s Financial Assistance Program

Eligibility & Application Periods

  • Family Programs: Assistance for Fall, Winter, Easter & Summer day camps.
  • Apply in July for Fall 2023 (open to ALL families).
  • Apply in November & April for Winter 2024 & Summer 2024 (only NEW families).

Registration Dates

  • Open from Wed, July 19 to Mon, July 31, 2023.

Types of Assistance

  1. Single parent/guardian household.
  2. Double parent/guardian household.
  3. Individual participants.

How to Apply

  • Option 1: If receiving SIS or SAID.
    • Provide “Notice of Benefit Deposit” document.
    • If approved, 90% coverage (you pay 10% online by Visa, MasterCard, or Bank Account).
  • Option 2: If NOT receiving SIS or SAID.
    • Answer questions about funding and approval for CDS, your employment status, number of individuals in household, and income details.
    • Coverage: 50% (with Individualized Funding), 80%-90% (without Individualized Funding).

Important Details

  • Review LICO Table to assess if you qualify.
  • Special circumstances may be considered.
  • For day camps, financial assistance coverage is not available if you are approved for CDS funding.

Program Limitations

  • Fall & Winter: 2 programs maximum.
  • Day Camps: 1 Easter Day Camp & 1 week of Summer Day Camp maximum.

Prepare Before You Register

  • Have your financial documents ready (SIS/SAID document, paystubs, income verification, or details of current financial situation).
  • Register for ONE type of Financial Assistance (Single, Double, or Individual).
  • Select ONLY YOUR NAME during registration.